1. What is Big TV

BigTV is a cutting edge production company that provides a free platform for people who want to “host” their own shows. If you have a passion in life and want to share it with the world, then make BigTV your new home.

2. How do I search for videos?

Type what you’re looking for in the Search bar.

3. How do I share a video?

You can Share videos in a couple of different ways…Click Share Video or hit the Share Icon for other share options.

4. How do I browse for videos?

Our easy to use navigation helps you locate the content you want when you want it or you can use the integrated Search Bar.

5. How do I get on the Big Site?

You’re already here.  Bookmark our URL  (www.bigisgood.tv) so you can always find us.

6. How do I submit to Big TV?

Check out our Are you GOOD enough to be BIG page for more information. We’re in the process of developing some pretty cool features but for now you can go to the Contact Us page to submit ideas.

7. Can I pitch you my script or show idea?

Absolutely!  This is exactly why BigTV was established.

8. How do I get a meeting with Lauren Llloyd?

Generate enough views and maintain your rating above 4 stars and you’ll definitely get a call.

9. How do I watch videos?

Find the video you want to play and click the triangle.

10. Video won’t play?

Please let us know by submitting your issue on the Contact Us page.

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