Animal Alliance “Animal Politics” Episode 9

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  1. Hello,

    I am writing to you today to tell you about a global campaign to raise awareness to ALL animal cruelty issues. Our organizaton was founded this past Feb. 2011, and the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and we have many countries & organizations now involved and more signing on every day.

    Our Mission:
    Is to bring awareness to the many people who are still unaware of the cruelty animals suffer at the hands of human beings on a daily basis.
    To get more young people involved via our Junior Advocate program
    To teach the youth, compassion for animals; and the plight of animals in our world today.

    Our Goal:
    To hold rallies in a peaceful, professional manner
    To try and gain the attention and respect of the media so that they are working with us, rather than against us.
    To approach the governments around the world, for change to end cruelty and corruption once and for all.

    Our goal in this first step, is to see all Animal Groups & Activists Unite. Standing together on the same day as One People, One World. Showing our Solidarity and Determination in Ending this barbaric cruelty to animals. So many people have just had enough. And yet so many more remain absolutely clueless. It is our hope, that by joining the world together on the same day, we really make a Statement, an Impact; something that could not possibly go unnoticed.

    In order for us to truly be a Voice for those without a Voice. We must be a very Loud Voice! And so at this Event, the curious will want to see what we’re all about. And hopefully we can then gain more supporters by enlightening them and waking them up to the cruelty going on all around them. Then our numbers will grow, and our voice will get Louder.

    And while we are all together. We symbolically unite, lighting a torch (possibly tiki torches), to represent the Light of Hope for the animals. The Beginning of the End of their suffering! And also to pay tribute to All those lost in cruelty, via a Candle Light vigil at the end of the Event.

    At present the WEEAC-Team consists of 67 members from around the globe including 4 very young members of the WEEAC-Youth-Group – another avenue we are planning on addressing when the school year begins again in the fall.

    Event Areas list . . . .

    About Us:

    I believe that if we are truly to accomplish something, all of us around the World must work together as a Team in our efforts to protect and help the animals.

    So, I wanted to kindly ask, if you would consider helping us in any way. Endorsing our campaign, or if you would be interested in participating in one of our events.

    I would be very happy to hear from you and looking forward to this, I remain ,

    with kind regards,

    Dawn Groth
    WEEAC – World Event to End Animal Cruelty

    Dawn Groth, 5 years ago Reply

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