Hi Doll “Kandee Johnson” Episode 25


  1. Kandee, I’m so glad I watched this video. I feel like I know you that much more. I feel so sorry for you that people say such terrible things about you. Of course they beat you down so they feel better about themselves. It’s too bad that it is so hurtful though.
    Keep up the good work that you do. You have been very helpful to this old lady who never had a clue about the correct way to do makeup. I thank you!

    Donna, 5 years ago Reply

  2. Kandee…ur so sweet and beautiful. I really like this video, i hope it cleared alot of things up for ppl. Im sure there will always be haters but there will also always be those who care for u and admire u. I think ur great and u will continue 2 be great …just dont let anyone steal ur sunshine ;) XXXX

    Erin, 5 years ago Reply

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