Jarmaine In The City “Fight With Sean” Episode 16


  1. wow what a bitcchhh

    janelle, 5 years ago Reply

    • I can’t watch the video for some reason?!

      asdfg, 5 years ago Reply

      • try watching it on a different browser. that worked for me

        carl, 5 years ago Reply

    • lol it’s a JOKE and Sean is just playing his role! It’s all scripted! You guys really think that she is so dumb to break up with a guy over the broken lamp haha c’mon think! Jarmine is always clowning around

      Happystar, 5 years ago Reply

      • why would she let this on the web if she knows that people will hate on her for it and she would loose subscribers?

        Samantha, 5 years ago Reply

      • WRONG! its not a joke she broke up with him cuz he has a girl lip piercing!

        LEXI, 5 years ago Reply

  2. Darn I can’t watch it !

    Tina, 5 years ago Reply

    • Try watching it on a different browser. that worked for me

      Guest, 5 years ago Reply

  3. poor guy!!!! what kind of monster would film this AND put it on the internet???? I was a hugeJlovesmac fan, but not after this ;/

    lexie, 5 years ago Reply

    • I feel so sorry for Sean! can’t believe that he’s been for years in that bad relationship.. And yes not a fan of Jarmaine anymore. I hardly ever use a word bitch but she kinda is one. sad

      hanbels, 5 years ago Reply

  4. Wow, she is so heartless! How can you treat someone you’re supposed to care for like this? AND put it up for everyone to see? Ridiculous!!! I can’t believe she still has people who respect her! I used to be such a fan, but damn! I can’t stand her anymore!

    Erica, 5 years ago Reply

  5. is this fake?

    amy, 5 years ago Reply

    • Yes it is you can clearly see him smiling and go on her vlog channel she says why they broke up

      NUb, 5 years ago Reply

  6. How does he not realize she is filming/ Why doesn’t he stop her?

    Lilli, 5 years ago Reply

    • He just said …”are you filming this..??”

      yea… i cant believe she filmed this either. Gosh sorry Jarmaine but not everything revolves around you. I can’t believe what i just watched especially coming from you, one of my favourite youtuber! I have to say that this is just another form of bullying. Just because you are a lot more confident than him doesn’t mean you can bully him this way and publish this for everyone to see.

      So what if this is just an act? Well, either way its foolish.

      Ranee, 5 years ago Reply

      • I agree ! i just watched this cause i saw a comment on youtube about this video. wooow i thought she was the kind of girl who wouldnt do this. its saaaaaaaaad #smh. and yaa every1 fights but i mean to put it up for every1 ? wtf……

        riri, 5 years ago Reply

  7. Alright, that seemed like a fight that could happen between anyone.. so the fact that she’s kinda’ famous on youtube makes her a bitch and a “c*nt”? Wrong.

    Precious., 5 years ago Reply

    • What is wrong is the fact that she filmed it and put it online. The dude [obviously a push over] is crying and she is all giggling and try to be cute.. thats shady.. she gonna get major karma backlash for that.

      evy, 5 years ago Reply

    • I honestly don’t give a shit about this video.
      There are bigger problems in the world.
      So unsubscribe if you have to, who really gives a shit?
      I subscribed for the content – not to analyze her personality.

      Katherine, 5 years ago Reply

  8. damn it I cant watch it.. -.-’

    Carlene, 5 years ago Reply

  9. Wow. That’s just foul. How can she film him while she’s trying to break up with him? Heartless! These kinds of things shouldn’t even be shared online!

    maria, 5 years ago Reply

  10. Seriously Jarmaine? How big of an idiot are you? Have you no respect at all?! Your a fool. I have no respect for you anymore

    Nicki, 5 years ago Reply

  11. “Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every person. One that we reveal to the world, and another we keep hidden inside. A duality governed by darkness and light. Within each of us is the capacity for both good and evil; but those who are able to blur the moral dividing line hold the true power.”

    Mely, 5 years ago Reply

  12. for some reason my video keeps pausing,, grr >:/

    Michelle Del Russo, 5 years ago Reply

  13. what a bitch !! i’m not watching her videos after this. she shouldnt be posting these kinds of things. wow.

    jenny, 5 years ago Reply


    nnnn, 5 years ago Reply

  15. Seriously, Jarmaine. Is this a joke? Wow. -_-

    Sophia, 5 years ago Reply

  16. You just lost millions of fans out there! Great job on breaking the poor dudes heart. Seemed like you didnt want to be with him anymore.

    Luis, 5 years ago Reply

  17. omg.. she really filmed it? i feel so bad for him :[[

    stephiee, 5 years ago Reply

  18. it was obviously just a silly little fight. Get overrr it :]

    de, 5 years ago Reply

  19. I cant watch this!! Is there another way to watch it?

    blahhhh, 5 years ago Reply

  20. Okay really? She was my favorite guru to watch on youtube because I thought she was so funny, but I slowly started to notice that she does a lot to try and show off what she’s got. I understand the whole being confident thing, but there’s a fine line between confidence and attention whore. And by her recording a video of her and her ex having an argument and then POSTING it online for everyone to see is another way to just get more attention, except this time I don’t think she thought out how much of a bitch it would make her look like. I lost all respect for her after watching this. No matter how pissed off I was at my ex, I would never post something like this on the internet for the whole world to see even if he was a total jerk and I was completely innocent. We’re all entitled to our own opinions and we all have the right to do as we please, but this was just SO unnecessary and uncalled for. Regardless of what really happened with them, she made herself look like a heartless monster. I hope Sean is happier now with whoever he’s with.

    B, 5 years ago Reply

    • I completely agree!!!! You said it right 100%

      SSMMLL, 5 years ago Reply

  21. Why does the video keep stopping after 2:37? Is there anything after that? It doesn’t load after that…but yeah…yeah, she might be a bitch or whatever. Whatever, that’s just who she is. But the thing that made it a huge deal was that she posted it on the internet. I mean, what goes on between her and her guy should stay between them two…

    Chrissy, 5 years ago Reply

  22. I can’t believe this. I hope it’s fake. That was one of the most immature things I’ve ever seen. Unsubbed. Just another fake bitch who thinks she’s funny and cute.

    jam, 5 years ago Reply

  23. SEAN, I hope you see this!!
    Be confident in yourself and realize you don’t need to stay with someone that disrespects you!!!
    There are other down to earth, gorgeous women out there with a good heart and more respect than to humiliate you and post it online!!!
    Jarmaine, have some class woman!

    Anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

    • agreed 100%.

      Katarina, 5 years ago Reply

  24. Idk if this is real or not, I hope it’s not. Otherwise I feel bad for the guy. And I’ll definitely be unsubscribing to her channel, she’s a a huge bitch.

    Anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

  25. omg… that video WASN’T even as bad as everyone says it is. there was no big deal about anything. that was only 2 min of their life on film, no one knows that other problems or fights they had. i was expecting some big ass fight with stuff being thrown by what the comments were saying. jarmaine did what she had to people.

    hillary, 5 years ago Reply

    • I agree! Even though it was uncalled for to have this on the net, people are blowing this way outta proportion!! I’ve had way worse fights with my boyf so I would really hate to think what they would say Bout it if i posted them online if they are going ape over THIS hahahaha jarmaine let’s be best friends hahaha

      Christina, 5 years ago Reply

  26. doesn’t even sound like a fight per se… it was a conversation. and the guy knew she was filming it! big deal, chill out people

    tintzki, 5 years ago Reply

  27. Sean i just broke up with my husband of 10 years beacuse he treat me with no respect and Jermaine treat you the same. You are BETTER off without her, what a bitch to film it. BITCH.

    helen, 5 years ago Reply

  28. lol it’s a JOKE and Sean is just playing his role! It’s all scripted! You guys really think that she is so dumb to break up with a guy over the broken lamp haha c’mon think! Jarmine is always clowning around ;)

    anonymous, 5 years ago Reply

  29. Jarmaine wants to get famous ANY way she can……obviously. Why would she even be thinking about recording at a time where she is fighting with her boyfriend of 4 years?

    Kali, 5 years ago Reply

  30. … My boyfriend and I argue like this once a week. Who cares? He probably was wrong, and she probably was right. So she had the right to act the way she was acting. Lolllllllll get over yourselves.

    Ava, 5 years ago Reply

    • you are an idiot. you think your relationship is just like as everyone elses? you’re probably not right all the time, you’re just a self righteous bitch. “Lollllllll”

      Dean, 5 years ago Reply

  31. OMG you guys are sooooo stupid, what do you mean, that she broke up with him?? she didn’t break uo with him , they made up in the end , wtf is wrong with you guys, she is not a bitch , and i don’t see anything bad in this video, it lasted for like 2:37 minutes, omg just get over it , it was a tiny little argument they had, DIDN’T YOU SEE THEY MADE UP IN THE END ?? i still have lots of respect for Jarmaine , and she is still my favourite guru on youtube. i don’t see anything bad in this video, maybe it was even scripted.why are you all unsubscribing to her and not watching her anymore?? i wanna know a reason , i understand that they had to leave it between them, but it’s just so hysterical to read all of these comments!!!! they didn’t even break up here, just a tuny argument, and she didn’t disrespect him, she was right! he did broke her lamp , wouldn’t you be pissed off about this , !? get over yourselves

    yoyo, 5 years ago Reply

    • o yh so recording him crying while she’s laughing and he hugs her saying he’s really sorry and she’s like, ‘im always right’ and he’s just standing there crying. o yh not bitchy at all lmfao. get your fat head out her ass hoe.

      oapewae, 5 years ago Reply

  32. All the comments in support of this video are probably from Jarmaine herself trying to be anonymous and say its a “joke” LOL this isn’t a joke it’s how you really are. You’re trying to get famous and you’re changing yourself to get there. Saaaaaaad.

    Victoria, 5 years ago Reply

  33. now he’s single….I CALL DIBS ON HIS BROKEN HEART!

    sassyxox, 5 years ago Reply

  34. i lost my respect for her honestly :( wow this is so ruthless

    emma, 5 years ago Reply

  35. I’ve always been a fan of Jarmaine but this video has changed my opinion on her. She belittled him so much in this little 2 minute clip! And she says that she goes through that on a daily basis? Obviously he cared for her but she’s just cruel. Fighting about a broken lamp and money? Fighting over material items gets you nowhere in life. Grow up, Jarmaine.

    Christina, 5 years ago Reply

    • u r sooooooooo right like if u watch her vids now all u se is that she is trying to ac funny. Or that she just shows off

      jeneta, 5 years ago Reply

  36. Who gives a crap, cant judge over a clip when you physically haven’t been there during THAT relationship. If you want to assume and pick sides, just stick with highschool drama.

    A, 5 years ago Reply

    • I agree. we don’t know the whole situation here. and obviously if they’re fighting over little things then it’s been going on for a long time and they’re trying to have reasons to break up. we don’t know what he did and what she did. things dont work out sometimes and breakups can bring out the worst in people.

      K, 5 years ago Reply

  37. I’m sure Sean has no idea this is on the internet considering they broke up like whaaat, 7 months ago? And it was just posted in August. Whatamothafuckinbitch.

    sara, 5 years ago Reply

  38. Idc I stilll support you Jarmaine (:
    its your life I just hope you two recognize ya’s mistake and work things out but please dont post a video like this online, it should’ve just been between you two only.

    Karina, 5 years ago Reply

  39. i came to this video thinking it was gunna be a enormous fight. I dont think this is as bad as you guys think it is. yeah recording it was a little weird, but it was a fight over a light. And she sorta made up with him in the end, he smiled when she said: “If you say sorry that means you must feel guilty about something right?” and he smiled.

    Marie, 5 years ago Reply

  40. OMG…… she is such a bitch. I guess we would never know because she seems so sweet and nice on her yt videos. Wow, im so disappointed. Just another heartless, selfish, self centered bitch….. No more support from me.

    Erika, 5 years ago Reply

  41. I hate that I can’t watch it on my phone! Ugh!!!!

    Tracy, 5 years ago Reply

  42. I can’t even believe she s doing this!!!

    Sara, 5 years ago Reply

  43. Stop calling her a bitch or anything. she is a person you know. How do you think when you show other people your life and they comment about it… BTW, I think she is acting. how can you smile after break up

    tappy, 5 years ago Reply

  44. people you must realize that this is clearly fake don’t any of you know fake acting when you see it I mean come on

    Dajuanna, 5 years ago Reply


    lala, 5 years ago Reply

    • Actually it is perfectly legal. If atleast ONE person knows its being recorded its legal. If NONE of the parties know its being recorded, it is legal.

      tyler, 5 years ago Reply

      • actually your incorrect. He didn’t authorize her to post it online and if this video causes any pain and suffering he may take legal action

        delia, 5 years ago Reply

    • Dramatic much!!!

      Christina, 5 years ago Reply

  46. And the funny thing is that she emphasized about how relationship issues should be kept personal between you and your significant other in her Breaking Up youtube video yet she deliberately posts up a video of them fighting?! That just goes to show how much she wants attention. Sean was way too good for her. I’m sorry, Jarmaine, but I’ve been a loyal subscriber for a long time and this really left a bad taste in my mouth. All the best. =/

    Sophia, 5 years ago Reply

  47. wanna date Sean ? :) who needs her.

    alaiyah, 5 years ago Reply

  48. Haha wooooooooooow, THIS is what everyone’s talking about? I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. It’s her life. You wanna un-subscribe? Go ahead. It’s not like she needs you. Though it was a bit mean, I still adore you Jarmaine.

    Jennie, 5 years ago Reply

  49. Being in a relationship for so long & also in the same boat as jermaine, that sometimes my boyfriend relies on me financially i totally get where she’s coming from. And i can actually see myself in her, how she is towards sean. She seems really bitchy, but i think its just because she’s fed up with her being the man in the relationship and having to take care of him. specially financially. BUT i just don’t agree with her filming it to have everyone to see. It should have just been between the both of them. putting him on blast for thousands of people to see is wrong.

    Hazel, 5 years ago Reply

    • yeah, I totally get what you are saying, with being fed up with a boyfriend like that..but the fact that she filmed it was so bully-like..I would never do any of this to my boyfriend even if he broke a 1,000 dollar lamp honestly.

      Blanca, 5 years ago Reply

  50. People who are bashing her are so pathetic. You are all haters. Can’t you see him smiling in the end? My bf and I get into arguments like that sometimes and I dont see why everyone is making a big deal out of it just because she recorded an argument. I swear some of you haters think you’re perfect and that you don’t get into arguments with your significant other. Everyone gets into arguments, it’s part of being a normal human being so get over it and grow up people. Smh. -______-

    Alexandra, 5 years ago Reply

  51. i think they were playing i mean i am not saying you can play with this but they looked like they were joking around… i dont think this was the real fight cuz of a ligth

    bla, 5 years ago Reply

  52. i unsubcribed her from all her channel, she is a Bitch!

    andrea, 5 years ago Reply

  53. The kid broke something that belonged to her and didn’t tell her! I’d be pissed off too. They’ve been together 4 yrs so this is something he must do often so she might be fed up. Also, he seriously needs to stop crying! Come on! I still like her :)

    Dee, 5 years ago Reply

  54. why i can i only watch to 2:37..?

    jwekhrwer, 5 years ago Reply

  55. WHY CAN I ONLY WATCH TO 2:37??????????

    Jay, 5 years ago Reply

  56. Sean, i’d date you! ;) who needs self centered bitches? I’m here for YOU babe

    giselle, 5 years ago Reply

  57. That was the most immature and bitchiest thing I’ve ever seen . I hate how some people are saying it’s not a big deal . . like are you serious ? -__- What happens in a relationship , stays between the two people in the relationship. She shouldn’t NEED to post it up on the internet . . like is she trying to embarrass sean ? and she thinks that posting it on the internet will make her fans support her or some shit . Nobody really knows what happened, but anyway besides this way could’ve been 1000000x better . If this was all a joke she would’ve posted a video by now . . telling everyone it was all a joke . Buuuut I bet it wasn’t considering she keeps ignoring shit & not even mentioning this -__-

    Ana, 5 years ago Reply

  58. is just a movie guys !!!:)))

    lumi, 5 years ago Reply


    NENA, 5 years ago Reply

  60. Wow Jarmaine never knew you could be so mean :( This is not a act since he was actually crying…..STILL LOVE U JARMAINE!!

    Jarmaine, 5 years ago Reply

  61. It’s funny how jlovesmac1 fans are trying really hard to be obvlivious to this and be like “its a show..it was all acting :) ” haha, are you kidding me? this is obviously not acting..you can see in Sean’s face he is genuinely upset and doesn’t want to be filmed..I’m not going to call Jarmaine names or say that she’s a bad person..but it did make me really sad to watch this because I thought Jermaine was a diferent..and because I used to really like her videos too. And people are saying “its her personal life..why do you care??” ummm she is posting this ONLINE..that’s why it’s making people speak up about it, obviously.

    Blanca Hernandez, 5 years ago Reply

  62. Ur a witch seriously.Btw the boy is such a sweethearth there are tons of girls who would date you. And not treat you like shit

    Loisa, 5 years ago Reply

  63. at 2:37, it stops turns black and i can’t watch the rest! i don’t know why i’ve tried like 10000 times. am i the only one this happens to? someone help! i wanna see cause it seems like a big thing according to what everyone is saying about it!!

    christie, 5 years ago Reply

  64. Seeing that video just hurts both of there images… either Sean or Jarmaine is perceived as the bad one in everyones opinion. No one wins, no one is the bigger person. Uploading this video was a mistake in respects to what goes on in the relationship, it should not be a public viewing.Also too, its clear that Jarmaine was recording the video. So what if Sean is crying, its not an act, just look at the man’s eyes! I diss anyone who says suck it up Sean. He’s showing his sensitive true feeling for her, so yeah if he lacks romantic words at least he’s attempting to try and work things out. Either way, they were in a long relationship. It is what it is… meant to be or not, one or both of them is going to get hurt. Truly sad. Oh yeah and it wasn’t respectful of Jarmaine to talk about Sean’s financial troubles, its embarrassing for anyone to have there friends or family know about there struggles, but to full out blast it online also is a low blow. Sorry Jermaine that wasn’t nice at all, as much things as he may have done to you that you didn’t like it still goes to show for being the bigger person in standing up and just leave any grudges or bad moments in the relationship as it is. Getting back at someone to have them get that feeling of hurt you once felt only gives you a few seconds of pleasure, but in reality your now the asshole. I hope for the best in the both.

    LE, 5 years ago Reply

  65. I get that everyone has fights but I don’t want to watch the videos of some girl who posts them on the internet as a punishment, no matter what he did. Unsubscribeee, xo (:

    blahblah, 5 years ago Reply

  66. im confused becuase if you go to JarmaineTv her vogg channel on youtube. and you go to her Date Safetly video.. Its the same video from this day. In that video she was all flirting with sean and they were talking alittle about how they met. And then in this video they brake up? I don’t belive it. I think this is all acting. WE NEED AN EXPLANATION FROM HER!

    Ana, 5 years ago Reply

  67. omg.stfu bitches. just leave her alone. its her life. who are you to judge her?

    lori, 5 years ago Reply

  68. This was not smart. In anyway. She should not have posted this on the internet. I can see it’s far bigger than just a lamp and personalities clashing, but this just ruined an image she built up for herself. This is quite disappointing. No one never wants to see the bad side of anyone and have it recorded.

    Xandra, 5 years ago Reply

  69. i dont get how this got onto the web thought? i bet she never posted it…? just curious

    Sandra, 5 years ago Reply

  70. i dont think the argument was a big deal to be honest like people in relationships fight thats part of life it happens i just thinks its a bit messed up she recoreded it personally i wouldnt put something on the internet like that but shes human we make mistakes not that serious to me.

    nataly, 5 years ago Reply

  71. oh god… I can’t imagine if I recorded all of my fights with my boyfriend…

    1. I’d realize I sound/he sounds/we both sound SO STUPID
    2. All of our fights are generally over dumb things
    3. I’m probably wrong more often than I think

    This is such a weird side of Jarmaine to see….hmmm…not sure how I feel about being subbed to her but :-\

    carolynn, 5 years ago Reply

  72. the only i will ever open internet explorer, is to watch this video

    bob, 5 years ago Reply

  73. that was the most fake fight I have ever seen :rolls eyes:

    mybeautyconnect, 5 years ago Reply

  74. uhh????



    Selenne, 5 years ago Reply

  75. I dont get what all the fuss is about. I can totally understand why it’s annoying for her, I would get pissed off too!

    sasjasbeautytips, 5 years ago Reply

  76. THIS IS SO FAKE!! JARMAINE SAID SHE WANTED TO BE PRIVATE? why would she do this? give me one good reason. people are too quick to judge! you have no proof this is true. NONE. this is jarmaines life, not yours, shes a beauty guru not a reality star, leave her alone.

    jlovesmacisagoodperson, 5 years ago Reply

  77. BITCH.

    Ziggyzah, 5 years ago Reply

  78. my gosh jarmaine, di naman gawain ng Pilipina ito. inaaksaya mo lang ang panahon namin ng panonood sayo. you live a very pathetic life. you should be ashamed. my cousin watches your videos and it was actually okay that you looked like a neurotic person and all, but this? you earn your money this way? yeah i can pretty much say it’s a good way of earning money you’re not woring yourself but in a way you are still like it. you’re no longer welcome in our computers and i shall tell my family not to watch your videos anymore…such a shame, you bring embarassment to the rest of us…please do not even attempt to say that you represent any Filipina, kakahiya naman.

    Mercy, 5 years ago Reply

  79. people,she does not at all deserve all the success that her subscribers have given her. i have been subbed to her from when she started and i have unsubscribed. she has absolutely no respect for anyone but herself. she doesnt give respect but she expects to be given it;not going to happen! she is not at all a good role model for her younger viewers..and for those who will say she isnt a role model well think again,she has put herself out there for the world. think about who actually deserves subscribers,she isn’t it. her videos are full of shit now and she is just making money off you guys, when she says she loves you,she just loves the money that she’s accumulating from your ass kissin support. ASS KISSING CAN ONLY TAKE YOU SO FAR UNTIL A BETTER ASS KISSER COMES ALONG!

    COCO LOVEE, 5 years ago Reply

  80. anyone ever think maybe he agreed to her putting this online. after four years of a relationship he obviously knows her videos are an important part of her personality, so he is clearly not oblivious to this. fuuck, shes human, everyone has fights.

    robzjack, 5 years ago Reply

  81. omg everyone is so over exaggerating about this, i seen all the fuss on youtube and went out of my way to find this video as i am a fan of jarmaine but everyone needs to stop crying and saying they’re unsubscribing and shit its clearly not serious, grow up.

    miles, 5 years ago Reply

  82. This whole video was so hyped out of preportion. Like seriously.. When I read the comments about it I thought there was like a full on bitch out and physical stuff going on. But it’s not even that bad… He broke her lamp. She’s giving him attitude. And you can even tell that she’s fed up with them breaking up and making up. She even said “why do you always see hope in this” or something like that. I’m not saying that this isn’t bad. It’s just not THAT bad. There are worse fights between couples. Jermaine’s just happens to be all over the Internet. Big whoop

    Whocares, 5 years ago Reply

  83. wow -_- you guys are acting like she slapped him or something , like calm down people , he must of did something more to have made her mad & plus didnt you hear what she said ? she was like you do this is every week . & leave her alone everyone has problems .

    Shy, 5 years ago Reply

  84. It breaks my heart to see this, I feel so bad for the kid. I hope he is much happier now and as for Jlovesmac I can NOT support someone whos so heartless and selfcenter.

    Rena, 5 years ago Reply

  85. admin

    this video is only 2:37 sorry for the length description reading 7:29

    admin, 5 years ago Reply

  86. if this is fake, it’s not really funny.
    if this is true, you are a BITCH.

    jd, 5 years ago Reply

  87. whattttt a BITCH!

    always4u, 5 years ago Reply

  88. omg, poor guy. glad they are not together anymore. relief for both from all the drama. making a video of something so personal was very rude and harsh.

    sarah, 5 years ago Reply

  89. i think its an act because i know she would never do that shes not a bitch or an asshole or a piece of shit she is makin a humuros joke either that or she was so mad at him she made the video and was still mad so she posted it either way we all make mistakes she probably regrets it now unless u no it was an act but anyway so yeah and jarmaine i have ur support

    amy, 5 years ago Reply

  90. YO, does it stop at 2:38 for anyone else?

    molly, 5 years ago Reply

  91. AHAHAHAhahah you’re FUCKED. Just lost all of my respect for you. I can tell that you had something good, the way he’s trying to do nothing but make it work. Trust me you dumb trick, you won’t find anyone else to do that for you. It would be different if he treated you like that too, like SHIT, but clearly it’s just you and your bitch-ass.

    aGill, 5 years ago Reply

  92. Seans happy now, with me ! dont worry about it !

    Seans GF, 5 years ago Reply

  93. omg ya’ll really you really think thsi is real… it say clearl “Fight With Sean” in quotation marks….. think about it quotattion marks in this case indicate that its so called…or are you to dumb to figure that out…

    Kim, 5 years ago Reply

  94. whether this is fake or not, clearly they were growing apart. i watch her videos and she can come off a bit abbrassive at times especially to her dog. maybe she shouldn’t have any friends. hell maybe she shouldn’t have pets. she’s a pretty talented girl and really shouldn’t be so mean.

    shesabitch, 5 years ago Reply


    jess, 5 years ago Reply

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